Care in Facilities

Many of the visits House Calls makes are not in a private residence, rather in senior living communities, nursing homes and assisted living communities. Our care is designed to help chronically ill patients receive the care they need when and where they need it. Click on each question for more information.

How does partnering with House Calls benefit residents in my facility?

Your residents will enjoy the ease and convenience of having care right in their home. Our goal is to replace reactive, crisis-oriented care with proactive, preventive medicine that will reduce unnecessary emergency room visits, hospitalizations and 30-day re-admissions and keep residents well at home.

  • Onsite medical care helps your residents:
  • Feel better and stay at home
  • Avoid germs in waiting rooms and doctor offices
  • Spend less time traveling to and from appointments, and avoid the stress of arranging transportation
  • Better manage medications and chronic illness
  • Avoid the emergency room and unnecessary hospitalization
How does partnering with this program benefit my facility/organization?

By partnering with House Calls, your residents will experience expert care in their homes and your facility will experience higher resident satisfaction. House Calls:

  • Attracts residents by providing the ease and convenience of onsite, expert care
  • Helps keep occupancy rates level by keeping residents well in their homes through proactive, preventive care
  • Lessens hospitalizations and readmissions
  • Reduces stress and cost of transportation of residents to and from appointments
  • Provides your staff access to providers who are easy to reach and have experience with your residents and facility
How do we communicate with other providers?

We communicate by phone, secure email, secure fax or mail. 

Do all residents have to sign up for House Calls to partner with you?

No. We see as many or as few of your residents in your facility as would like to receive care from House Calls.

Is there a cost to a facility to partner with House Calls for its residents?

There is no charge or cost to a facility for the convenience of having House Calls provide care to your residents.

Will we always have the same team of clinicians caring for our residents?

When possible, your facility will have a consistent provider, however your residents may be seen by one of our other clinicians depending on scheduling, availability and other urgent needs. Our providers will all have access to your medical records, for seamless care and support.

How can partnering with House Calls reduce my operating costs?

House Calls can reduce the cost of transportation to and from appointments. Your staff will also benefit by having one point-of-contact for coordinating appointments, and ordering medication and testing. House Calls can visit multiple residents in a single day, which can also help maximize your staff’s efficiency in daily scheduling and planning.

How do my residents become new House Calls patients?

All new patients must authorize us to treat them before making an appointment. To begin, simply contact us through our HIPAA-secure referral form, or call (701) 356-1560.