Our Care

We’re bringing the care back to you. Medical care in the comfort of your home.

Sometimes the symptoms of a serious illness, aging or side effects of treatment make it difficult to visit the clinic. House Calls offers primary care, connected care and transitional care programs, and palliative consultations in the comfort of your home via in-person visits and telehealth for people who have difficulty leaving their homes for medical appointments. We specialize in caring for adults with complex health issues. Our in-home care means experts come to you and no more going back and forth to the clinic or arranging for transportation for routine check-ups and other needs.

If you have difficulty leaving your home, you may spend a lot of time and energy, and experience stress from traveling to and from appointments. When you choose House Calls, you will enjoy convenience, safety and quality in-home expert care. Our providers and care teams come to you and customize medical care around your needs and goals.

House Calls coordinates care with patients, families, facility staff (if applicable) and insurance companies to manage specialists, home care services, physical therapy, offsite testing and lab orders, and medical device and equipment delivery.

Are you ready to receive expert medical care in the comfort of your home? Contact House Calls. House Calls does not provide emergency services. In the case of a medical emergency, call 911.

“House Calls gives me peace of mind. I live 200 miles away from Mom. I no longer need to schedule afternoons or evenings away to get Mom to her appointments. Mom is getting good care, and has taken away my worry if something is wrong and I can’t get to her right away.”

‐ Margaret Jackson, daughter of a House Calls patient