Elderly woman pouring a glass of water from a pitcher

5 Tips for Managing Constipation in Older Adults

by Kayla Bachand, MSN, AGNP-C Constipation, the inability to pass your body’s waste through a bowel movement, is a common occurrence for many adults. There are two types of constipation: occasional and chronic. Occasional constipation means having less than three bowel movements a week, while chronic constipation is described as frequent, persistent difficulty passing bowel …


Kayla Bachand

Passion for Patients & Holistic Care Leads Nurse Practitioner to House Calls

Nurse practitioners (NPs) are a valuable part of any clinical team but can especially shine in their roll with House Calls. They are qualified to diagnose and treat complex health conditions through graduate and/or doctorate level degrees and hours of family medicine and clinical training. House Calls nurse practitioners care for our patients wherever they …


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House Calls Nurse Practitioner Brings Health Care to Patients’ Front Door

Nurse practitioners play an integral role in the House Call team. They bring high-quality, in-home primary care services to chronically ill individuals who have difficulty leaving their homes. With the support of a House Calls nurse practitioner, those who struggle with serious illness can remain in their homes while receiving exceptional care right to their …